It all started with a team of world-leading biochemists, based in New Zealand.

Pioneering research into protein nanofibrils led them to develop Fibraspect™ – the patent-pending natural protein at the heart of the New Logic acne skincare system.

The team refined and perfected the nano-tech procedures required to turn protein molecules into fibrils. Those tiny fibres create a scaffold. This surface area delivered incredible results when applied to human skin as gel.

  • Stays on for longer

    It has remarkable stickability – it gels with and stays on skin amazingly well.

  • Gives skin more chance to absorb actives

    It absorbs high quantities of active ingredients, and – importantly – can be formulated to gently release the ingredients very slowly over time, which gives the skin a better chance to absorb them.

  • Safe for sensitive skin

    As a natural protein, Fibraspect™ is biodegradable, so doesn’t leave a residue and is very safe on even the most sensitive skin.

  • Protects and locks in moisture

    The protein also forms a protective barrier over the skin, locking in moisture and protecting against bacteria or pollutants.

  • Natural, renewable, biodegradable

    Unlike synthetic gels, these nanofibrils can be crafted from 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable sources such as whey protein.

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