Stays on your skin 4x longer

The Fibraspect™ Difference

Keep active ingredients on your skin and fighting acne for up to four times longer than standard treatments – that’s the power of naturally-occurring protein, Fibraspect™.

With Fibraspect™, your skin gets the benefit, not your pillowcase. It slowly releases bio actives and nutrients, giving your skin a chance to absorb it while creating a protective moisture barrier.

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  • STEP 1: Foaming Cleanser

    Remove dirt, bacteria and excess oil.

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  • STEP 2: Spot Gel

    Calm irritation and clear blemishes with natural antiseptics.

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  • STEP 3: Night Treatment

    Deeply nourish and repair while you sleep.

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  • STEP 4: Oil-Free Moisturiser

    Restore hydration, balance oil production and protect your skin.

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